Introducing: Commons Image Repository

The long pending task of creating a separate image hosting site for the images at SPSDarj.ORG has finally come to a finale at SPS Darj Commons. Future images will be uploaded there if they are suspected to not last on WIkimedia Commons for whatever reasons (Copyright issues, low quality, etc). Also in use is a new feature on SPS Commons is to allow quick upload of images into any category by going to that category’s edit tab and drag and drop image to that edit window. Just be careful that the image name should be just the right one because no new image name is requested while uploading. Just a category permission. Only one category can be added at once (The one you’re editing).

Msupload Image uploader for Mediawiki

Although we have this here, what’s important is that this commons site should only be used in cases the image cannot call mediawiki commons its home.

Uploading suitable images to Wikimedia commons

This novel idea struck me that suitable images, that are perfect for use on Wikipedia might as well just be uploaded there instead of our own servers as in this way, it will be reusable on wikipedia if need be. These images can be flawlessly accessed by spsdarj,org.


SPS Darjeeling Main building

SPS Darjeeling Main building

It appears as though the image if comfortably lying on the servers but it is not so. The image description does tell of it’s actual location on Wikimedia. The pics on Wikimedia commons have been categorised under St. Paul’s School, Darjeeling Category.

The most important advantage this method will have is speed of image load. It shall be faster even though Hostgator (where is hosted) is fast enough! Yet, Wikimedia over self hosting. Anyday.

Cons! Images may get deleted if they do not meet required criteria on Wikimedia. For such images that are doubtful enough, they are hosted on itself.


Infoboxes added

With much difficult coding here, I’m finally able to create a prototype of an infobox with the help of which I’ve created two infoboxes so far. For Houses. For Awards:Academic/Sports.

The worry is that not all required fields have been added to the infoboxes and some crucial details may still be missing. Hopefully, that’ll be added as time passes by and this issue is raised by somebody.

Gradually, more infoboxes will be coming up. So far, only two types of content struck me that required them. Popularization of the website will come after the code is much stable and coding quite complete.

Development commenced

The Main Logo used on the website.

The Main Logo used on the website.

The domain name was purchased on 21st June, 2014 and by 23rd June, 2014, the basic infrastructure is finally ready. It was pretty difficult to get the pretty URL idea implemented on the mediaiwiki powered site. the same CMS that powers Wikipedia. Hence, the similar look.  Will soon put up the Facebook page as soon as minor details are added to the website. Like, the material that actually motivates paulites, Old and Present, to freely add content.