Uploading suitable images to Wikimedia commons

This novel idea struck me that suitable images, that are perfect for use on Wikipedia might as well just be uploaded there instead of our own servers as in this way, it will be reusable on wikipedia if need be. These images can be flawlessly accessed by spsdarj,org.


SPS Darjeeling Main building

SPS Darjeeling Main building

It appears as though the image if comfortably lying on the spsdarj.org servers but it is not so. The image description does tell of it’s actual location on Wikimedia. The pics on Wikimedia commons have been categorised under St. Paul’s School, Darjeeling Category.

The most important advantage this method will have is speed of image load. It shall be faster even though Hostgator (where spsdarj.org is hosted) is fast enough! Yet, Wikimedia over self hosting. Anyday.

Cons! Images may get deleted if they do not meet required criteria on Wikimedia. For such images that are doubtful enough, they are hosted on spsdarj.org itself.